Cross-Border Research Cooperation – Supporting Tools and Intellectual Property Management

Event Date: 

October, 2014

Events Venue: 

Collegium Maius, s. Bobrzyńskiego, Jagiellońska 15 street, 2nd floor, Kraków, Poland

The conference was organized by the Jagiellonian University, Intellectual Property Law Chair together with HEIP-LINK project Consortium.  This was the last event held within the HEIP-LINK project devoted to the dissemination of the project results as well as to the exchange of experiences, identification of challenges, description and promotion of the tools in context of cross-border research cooperation. The special emphasis has been placed on the role of intellectual property.

The event was dedicated to representatives of universities and other research organisations, HEIs managers, technology transfer and international relations offices’ staff, governmental and non-governmental organisations involved in the spheres of higher education, research and innovation.

THEMATIC AREAS discussed during the conference:

  • Benefits of international research cooperation
  • Intellectual property in context of cross-border research.
  • Commercialization of research results. International context.
  • The role of technology transfer centres. Experiences and good practices.
  • Horizon 2020 with focus on international cooperation and IP rules.
  • National Contact Points and IPR-Helpdesk services
  • HEIP-LINK project goals

Agenda of the programme can be found here.