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Statutory rules regarding revenue sharing

Internal HEIs rules regarding revenue sharing

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Obligatory remuneration for inventors, as far as the right to renumeration is listed (next to the right of authorship and right to obtain the patent) amongs rights acquired by the inventor after creation of an invention.

The employer and employee are free to agree about the amount of remuneration. If they have failed to agree so, the latter should be determined in due proportion to the profits obtained by the economic entity from the exploitation of the invention (utility model or industrial design), taking into account circumstances in which the invention (utility model or industrial design) was made, e.g. the extent to which the creator has been assisted in making the invention, utility model or industrial design, as well as the scope of the creator’s employment duties involved in making the invention, utility model or industrial design. The remuneration can be increased, if the profits obtained by the entity prove to substantially exceed the profits taken as a basis for the purpose of determining the remuneration paid. The law provides the timetable for remuneration installments.

Internal HEIs' regulations of IP establish rules regarding inventors' remuneration as well as rules of calculating it. Common rule regarding revenue sharing is 50% for author and 50% for HEI.

Industrial Property Law of 2000, Article 22


Remuneration for authors provided, however the employee is not allowed to participate in revenues generated by the exploitation of its copyright work by the employer.

Not specified


Law on Copyright and Related Rights of 1994