Default (statutory) regime for the ownership

Author / researcher

Default (statutory) regime for employee’s creations

Employer; in relation to copyright - rights are assinged to the employer for the period of ten years.

Ownership of research results in publicly sponsored research

Detailed rules should be laid down in the contract between researcher and institution wich provides funding.

Specific ownership rules for public HEIs/research organisations and possibility to modify it contractually

HEIs/research institution is an owner of the rights.

Specific ownership regime for students/ visiting researchers/doctoral students and possibility to modify it contractually

Specified in internal regulations of HEIs. Common rule - HEIs own rights to the innovation (3 months for decision).

Related law (name & link)

Job Related Inventions Act of 1995, Article 8, Article 21

Copyright and Related Rights Act of 1995, Article 101

Rules on the Procedures of the (co)financing and Monitoring of Research Activities Implementation, Article 44