Name of the programme

Funding organisation


Research Actions


Support Program for Development of Science, Technology and Innovation (PROCIT)

Inter-American Development Bank


Research projects, with participation of universities, academic centers, and public and private research centers, on one part, and technological innovation projects, aimed at companies with participation of public and private institutions to support development of the productive sector, on other part; strengthening national postgraduate education; scholarships for postgraduate studies; joint actions to strengthen the National System of Innovation of Paraguay.

The regulation sets no limitations.

Technological Development, Innovation and Conformity Assessment (DeTIEC)

Fund for Structural Convergence (FOCEM)


The project is comprised of two components: 1) Strengthening the National Quality System (structuring conformity assessment, strengthening institutions and joint-standardization, metrology, accreditation); 2) Strengthening the National Innovation System (integrating innovation in science and technology policy, technology and innovation management by companies incorporated, building technology development centers and business incubation centers).

The regulation sets no limitations.

National Program of Incentive to the Researchers (PRONII)

National Council for Science and Technology (CONACYT)


Promotion of scientific career in Paraguay (strengthening and expansion of the scientific community of the country).

The regulation sets no limitations.


Fund for Education and Research (EIF) given by the National Public Investment Fund and Development (FONACIDE)


The objective of the program is to strengthen national capacities for scientific research and technological development, so as to contribute to increase in productive capacity, competitiveness and improve living conditions in Paraguay.

Each type of projects must meet general and specific criteria.

Itaipu Technological Park


Itaipu Technological Park is a foundation made ​​up of skilled professionals, which contributes to development of a culture of innovation, according to national strategic outlines. Example Project Financing: Seed Capital for Entrepreneurs.

Horizon 2020

European Commission


EU-other countries

Research activities; Collaboration; Staff exchange; Other.

The conditions and constraints are established. They depend on the type of the action or the specific actions.