Name of the programme

Funding organisation


Research Actions


Horizon 2020

European Commission


EU-other countries

Research activities; Collaboration; Staff exchange; Other.

The conditions and constraints are established. They depend on the type of the action or the specific actions.

Patent Plus Programme

National Centre for Research and Development (NCBIR)


Refund of costs for patenting inventions abroad; the application for refund is required.

Lane Kirkland Scholarship Program

Polish-American Freedom Foundation


The mission of the Program is supporting democratic and free market transformations in other Central and Eastern European countries. The Kirkland Program offers two-semester non-degree graduate studies for applicants from of Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Armenia, Georgia, Moldavia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan. The research field should be in line with the following areas: economics and management, public administration (government and local government), business administration, law, social science, political science and international relations, development policy and humanitarian aid.

Citizenship and permanent residence in one of the targeted countries; Master's or specialist's degree; up to 35 years of age (in special cases up to 40); professional experience of at least 2 years and Polish language proficiency requirements (in some cases - English).