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Ownership rules: 

Default (statutory) regime for the ownership

Default (statutory) regime for employee’s creations

Ownership of research results in publicly sponsored research

Specific ownership rules for public HEIs/research organisations and possibility to modify it contractually

Specific ownership regime for students/ visiting researchers/doctoral students and possibility to modify it contractually

Related law (name & link)

Dissemination rules: 

Limitations on publication

Specific rules regarding publication of scientific results financed by public bodies

Non-disclosure clauses in research contracts

Specific incentives for innovation activities: 

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Incentives provided by law for individual researchers

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Incentives provided by HEI for researcher

Form of commercialisation: 

Form of commercialisation

Requirements regarding form of contract

Limitations for HEIs

HEIs Unit responsible for commercialisation

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Revenue sharing: 

Remuneration/ Participation in revenues

Statutory rules regarding remuneration

Statutory rules regarding revenue sharing

Internal HEIs rules regarding revenue sharing

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Models of contracts used in R&D: 

Type of contracts

Short description

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