About HEIP-link

HEIP-link is a cooperation of 11 Higher Education Institutions and networks from Europe, Latin America, BRIC countries, and ASEAN countries, covering some 60 countries on 3 continents.

The initiative is co-financed by the European Commission under the Erasmus Mundus Programme, with the objective to promote the international dimension of research and boost cooperation of higher education institutions.

Our goal is to facilitate international R&D cooperation through facilitating information on strategic aspects of cross-boarder cooperation, such as intellectual property rights and technology transfer issues.

When we initiate cross-boarder R&D cooperation projects, we frequently lack important information which is needed to establish a mutually beneficial project contract which establishes trust among the partners and provides the grounds for exploitation of potential research results ….
HEIP-link aims to developing an interactive on-line information platform which provides the most updated information on R&D collaboration framework aspects…

Do HEIs or PROs enjoy any particular situation in R&D collaboration KT contracts?
Which are the particularities of the partners countries’ legislation that EU HEIs and other organisations must be aware of when cooperation in those countries?
Regulation of technology transfer contracts in national laws and identifying good practice (e.g. while in Russia and China these contracts are strictly controlled by the government, in Brazil and India this is not the case).
For potentially patentable results, how to reach a consensus over publishing or filing a patent? How to avoid early disclosure of potentially patentable results by partners?
What are the implications when research is partially funded by government grants, or EU grants?